About Petro Vista
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Technical Expertise

Petro Vista implements geological and geophysical solutions through in-house acquisition, processing and state-of-the-art-interpretation. The Company utilizes a petroleum-systems "play" approach, and provides detailed structural and stratigraphic interpretations.

Experienced Geotechnical Evaluations

  • Experienced staff.
  • Team approach to evaluations.
  • Leverage with independents.
  • Regional play analysis and petroleum systems approach.
  • Interpretation and processing capabilities:
    • - 2D/3D Seismic Interpretation and Well Log Interpretation - SMT Kingdom Suite
    • - 2D and 3D PAK, EarthPak, AVO Pak, Trace Pak and VuPak
    • - Prima (TGS) for processing, AVO/AVA attribute generation and interpretation
  • Seismic data aids interpretation.
  • 3D visualization software for integrated seismic and well interpretations.
  • Analysis of pre-stack seismic gathers.
  • Landmark Seisworks and Openworks for interpretation, and post-stack processing functionality.